The Drop Table Adjustment Process

If you’re new to chiropractic care or are curious about the process, you may be wondering about drop table adjustments or how they work. Let’s take a closer look at the drop table adjustment process.

What is a drop table?

A drop table is a tool made to assist a chiropractor in performing adjustments to a patient. It resembles a massage table yet there are different moveable segments to coordinate with different areas of the body. When your chiropractor performs a gentle thrusting movement on the body, the table drops slightly at that spot, allowing the body to drop too.

How do drop table adjustments work?

The drop table technique is a gentle technique thought to be less invasive than manual adjustments. As the table lowers, the body is lowered with it, allowing the joint to stay in its passive range of motion.

Is this method effective?

Even though this method is gentle, it is still very effective. A patient receiving drop table adjustments should experience an increased range of motion and pain relief with every session. The frequency of the drop table adjustments will depend on your specific injury or ongoing issue.

Is this method painful?

Drop table adjustments are very gentle and not painful at all. Your chiropractor will explain the process to you throughout the appointment, and if it is uncomfortable for you to lay on the table in certain positions, your doctor will assist you.

Can drop table adjustments be done with other adjustments?

Your chiropractor may use only drop table techniques or a combination of other adjustment techniques as well. Drop table adjustments are gentle enough to be used alongside other chiropractic practices as well.

Every patient is different and every injury is different. Your chiropractor will choose your care plan based on your specific needs. For more questions about drop table adjustments and to see if they may be right for you, see your chiropractor right away.