How Chiropractic Can Relieve Your Neck Pain

Chiropractor Neck Pain Point Pleasant

Neck pain can be debilitating. Some neck pain can even restrict your range of motion, making it hard to do simple everyday tasks like driving or sitting at a desk, or cause headaches and even migraines. The good news is that chiropractic care can help relieve your neck pain, and maybe even eliminate it altogether. How? Let’s take a look.


Chiropractic Work is a Safe Alternative to Medication or Surgery

Neck pain can be extremely limiting, so you may be tempted to take strong prescription pain killers or muscle relaxers. Or you may even be considering surgery. Before you resort to either of those options, go see a chiropractor. A chiropractor will be able to use non-invasive methods like spinal adjustments, massage and assisting stretching to alleviate pressure on your spine caused by misaligned vertebrae.


Spinal Adjustments Work to Relieve Neck Pain

A chiropractic adjustment is a gentle therapy that helps reduce joint restrictions and misalignments in the spine. By releasing pressure on the spine, inflammation is significantly reduced, hence eliminating pain. Increasing joint mobility can enhance your nervous system function, which promotes overall health and can even boost your immune system.


Chiropractic Care Provides Several Benefits

Besides providing pain relief, seeing a chiropractor regularly can have many other benefits. Some of which include:

  • Decreased Inflammation All Throughout Your Body
  • Improved Range of Motion in Your Neck and Other Joints
  • More Flexibility
  • More Ability to be Active


Come to Point Pleasant Chiropractic for Neck Pain Relief

If you suffer from neck pain, make an appointment at Point Pleasant Chiropractic right away. Your chiropractor will develop a personalized treatment plan for your specific health concerns to help you feel better as soon as possible. The sooner you start your treatment, the sooner you can stop feeling pain and enjoy life again.

How a Properly Adjusted Spine Can Benefit Your Immune System

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You’re probably aware that seeing your chiropractor regularly can help with chronic pain, but did you know that it can also benefit your immune system? Your immune system is made of proteins, tissues, organs, and white blood cells that all work together to keep you healthy. But a misaligned spine can really gum up the works, so to speak, and negatively impact your overall health. Read on to find out how a properly adjusted spine can benefit your immune system.


Subluxations Restrict Blood Flow

A subluxation is when part of your spine is compressed, causing pressure on the surrounding nerves. Since the immune system relies on constant blood flood and communication with the nervous system, a subluxation can slow down the process, causing you to get sick easier and unable to fight off germs and viruses properly.


Chiropractic Adjustments Boost the Immune System’s Response

Since the immune system coordinates with the nervous system to fight off potential attacks, regular adjustments can boost the immune system’s ability to get these messages across.


Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is responsible for causing the majority of health ailments in the body. Restricted nerve response, caused by a misaligned spine, can increase inflammation in the body. The immune system then becomes overwhelmed and isn’t able to fight off growing disease in the body. Misalignment and subluxation can lead to inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Regular chiropractic care can correct the nerve response, reducing inflammation and allowing the immune system to do its job.


Chronic Illness Could Point to Misalignment

If you feel like you always get sick or catch a cold anytime a person sneezes close by, you could have an immune system that is overwhelmed by a misaligned spine. Talk to your chiropractor about how regular adjustments can help you to get, and remain, healthy.