How to Alleviate Back Pain Between Chiropractic Appointments

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Back pain can prevent you from doing everyday activities. Even if you’re seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis, you may still experience pain in between visits. While taking over the counter painkillers is always an option, this should be a last resort. Let’s take a look at some ways to alleviate back pain in between chiropractic appointments.

Light Exercise

This may seem ridiculous when you’re in pain, but some light exercise might actually alleviate any pain you’re feeling in your back. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it, a short walk or some gentle yoga can go a long way to loosen tight muscles and get your blood flowing which can help ease pain. Regular exercise can also prevent tight muscles that lead to back pain.

Heat and Ice Packs

Studies have shown that heat and cold packs can be just as effective as over the counter pain medication. Ice is most beneficial directly after an injury or muscle strain since it relieves inflammation and has a numbing effect. Remember never to apply ice for more than 20 minutes at a time. Heat is best for tight or stiff muscles and can work especially well on the lower back. Try experimenting with a small electric heating pad on different areas on your back. Using one before bed can also help improve the quality of your sleep.


Regular stretching can make an immense difference in pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. Specific stretches for each muscle group are most effective when they’re held for about 30 seconds at a time. Never go past your threshold, just push the stretch to where it feels slightly uncomfortable yet effective. Stretching regularly can also prevent future pain.

Pain Creams

There are several natural pain creams available that help temporarily relieves symptoms you may be experiencing by providing a hot or cold sensation on the skin.

Try these at home remedies if you’re having back pain.