The Use of Digital Thermography

Many chiropractors use heat graphs combined with more traditional chiropractic devices. The use of this tool is called Digital Thermography. So what is Digital Thermography and what are the benefits?

Heat Patterns

A heat graph can detect heat patterns in your body using infrared technology. Every cell in your body gives off heat, and when a cell is functioning abnormally, it gives off a different type of heat than a healthy cell. A heat graph shows where these abnormally functioning cells are located in your body, giving your chiropractor a better idea of the source of your pain.

Pain and Healing

By using a heat graph, your chiropractor can not only plan more effective care for your individual needs but also be able to track the progress of the treatment plan. If an area of your body is not healing properly, the heat graph will show it, and your chiropractor can adjust accordingly. Pain patterns can vary for injuries, meaning pain coming from one area of the body might be coming from a source in a different area. Heat graphs act as a tool to find the true source of pain so it can be addressed appropriately.

Pain Tracking

With the use of a heat graph, your chiropractor will be able to track your pain after every appointment. Assessing your progress is an integral part of any care plan.

More Effective Appointments

Scientific studies have shown that the use of digital thermography can reduce the amount of care needed by almost 70%. This means you can have fewer appointments, saving time and money. It also means less energy wasted on adjustments or pressures that may not be effectively improving your overall health.

If you are suffering from chronic pain and haven’t been able to find relief from other therapies, ask your chiropractor about digital thermography. When combined with other chiropractic therapies, you will see a significant decrease in your pain.

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