“I went to Dr. Keith with severe neck pain a couple of years ago and never looked back. He fixed me up and I continue to see Dr. Keith monthly.  Whenever I have an ache or pain here or there he fixes it right up.  Also, I’m an allergy sufferer who ALWAYS had a headache.  Since going to Dr. Keith, headaches are few and far between.  I highly recommend Dr. Keith.”

Sue Swiggart

“My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Keith for two years and after the first few months we noticed significant improvements in our sleep and general wellness.  He is a thorough and compassionate doctor; definitely the best Chiropractor either one of us has ever been to. The dramatic improvement in our x-rays confirmed what we already knew about Dr. Keith’s expertise.”

Bill Angelo, CPA

“I went to Point Pleasant  Chiropractic last year with major lower back pain. Doctor Keith had me back to work and feeling better in just a few visits.”


“Dr. Keith saved me from recommended back surgery!”

Steve Mears

“My sister recommended seeing Dr Keith for my daughter’s ear infections they were so bad we were going to have to put tubes in her ears. Thanks to the adjustments she no longer has ear infections!”

Patti Mills

“Shoulder problems restricted my activities and an orthopedist wanted to perform Rotator Cuff surgery. Went to see Dr Keith and his  knowledge and methods kept me off the operating table and the long rehabilitation associated with the surgery. My activities have resumed with Dr. Keith in my corner. THANK YOU Dr. Keith.”

Mike Permuko

“I went to see Dr. Keith in November 2014 due to neck pain that was radiating from the neck down to the thumb in my right hand.  Dr. Keith listened to my problem, thoroughly explained his process, researched my insurance coverage, and followed up with a detailed proposal on how he  thought he could help.  By mid December 2014, the pain radiating down my arm was completely gone and I am well on my way to feeling normal again.  My neck pain is limited and nowhere near what is it was when I started.

In short, after 6 weeks, I feel normal again and am fully functional back at the gym.  More importantly, I know I am in good hands with Dr. Keith.  I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Keith and trusting him to help improve your spine health.”

Michael Gurzo

“I went to Dr. Keith after going to a massage therapist and  not getting results I had pain in my left shoulder that would not go away.  Dr. Keith was able to get my shoulder functioning again after a few visits

Rita Permuko

“Dr. Keith has helped me tremendously with both my neck and back and has also treated my son for his allergies.  We both highly recommend him! 

Lisa Kovaleski

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