We offer chiropractic services to residents of Point Pleasant, Brick Township, Toms River and surrounding areas in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Such services include: the Drop Table Adjustment, Upper Cervical Care, Video Fluoroscopy, the Pierce Results System, and Digital Thermography.

Below is some additional information to help you understand each service.


The Pierce Results System

Dr. Malinowski specializes in the Pierce Results System – a systematic approach to correcting subluxations using the most advanced tools for spinal analysis and adjusting.

Chiropractic X-Rays

X-rays help provide insight into what’s actually occurring under your skin. Instead of just feeling around, the x-rays allow us to assess your spine and joints’ condition with precision and speed. Read more about Chiropractic X-Rays now.

Video Fluoroscopy

A type of motion x-ray that allows assessment of the joints in motion, Video Fluoroscopy chiropractic care can provide important information that regular x-rays can not, to make your spinal care more precise. Read more about Video Fluoroscopy now.

Upper Cervical Care

This type of chiropractic care is specifically concerned with the two vertebrae directly under the skull. Upper cervical care aims to eliminate nerve irritation thus returning proper communication between the brain and the body.

PulStar Technology

We use PulStar Technology – the most advanced, precise, and patient-friendly technology that helps to relax the muscles, analyze, and treat of a wide range of problems including: headaches, neck pain, joint pain, and more.

Drop Table Adjustment

This chiropractic adjustment utilizes a drop mechanism that is built into the table. The Drop Table Technique helps to restore proper motion to a restricted region of the spine in a more gentle fashion without any twisting or “cracking.” Read more about Drop Table Adjustment now.

Digital Thermography

This noninvasive, painless and safe adjunctive diagnostic procedure utilizes an infrared camera to record thermal patterns and temperature variations on the surface of the body. Read more about Digital Thermography now.