Don’t Kill The Messenger

Children Health

After listening to a parent describe their regimen of Tylenol (Acetaminophen)  and Motrin (Ibuprofen) to help bring down their sick kids fever, I would like to discuss a common problem we all deal with especially around this time. Our children getting sick or more importantly our children getting a fever.

It always amazes me no matter how educated the parent is or accomplished in their field of study, they suddenly throw out common sense or their own innate ability when it comes to a sick kid. Especially if it is their first child. We have all seen the ads on TV of the parent going through different levels of safety and security with each child the first second something falls to the ground it gets dropped into boiling water while the last kid practically eats off the floor. There is truth to some degree, we all do this. But what I find most troubling is the lack of education, or should I say disinformation, when it comes to getting our kid over a cold. First of all, a great majority of the time a fever is not only a good thing but one of the best things to help your child get well. A very small percentage of a children’s fever can be deadly and medical help is needed, but in these cases the children have an underlying problem and as a parent you will know if your child falls into this case.

If we just stop for a minute and think about why is your child or yourself for that matter getting a fever in the first place? If you really have no idea or you think it is a symptom of being sick, then please listen up. A fever is not a symptom of a cold but instead a reaction by your body, being the great self healing mechanism it is, in order to begin killing off the virus.

How, you ask? While your body really likes to be at 98.6 degrees it can survive just fine for a period of time at a little higher like 102 degrees or even 104 degrees. And guess what absolutely can  not live in that warm temperature? You guessed it – the virus that is attacking your body. So a fever is actually created by your body as one of the first levels of defense to begin attacking the virus and getting you back to health. And what do we all run to do? Kill the fever. Why? Because we all have been taught a fever is bad. Go buy a fever reducer. Like a fire keeping away the lions or keeping you warm and someone puts it out. That adds insult to injury.  The Tylenol or Motrin begins attacking your child’s liver as well. If you really think about it, it is amazing that our kids are able to recover at all. So next time a fever comes calling why not try to build up your child’s natural defense instead of destroying it?

Stay tuned to our blog to find out how to help build up your defenses naturally.